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What if there was a way to take all the nutrient-rich goodness from fruit and vegetables, put it in your vitamins, and back into your diet? We started by sourcing organic fruits and vegetables of the purest and highest quality, free from chemicals, solvents, pesticides, radiation and excipients. We wanted our ingredients made the old-fashioned way – from the sun, rain and soil – all natural and GMO-free. With these organic ingredients, we made our vitamins Super Natural.

So much of our biological health is derived from food. Our bodies require the powerful and life-giving nutrients and antioxidants derived from plants, fruits and vegetables. Food is fuel for every cell – your brain needs it, your liver, blood, skin, heart, eyes – even down to the microcellular level, food is used to regenerate, repair, grow, even fight and prevent illness. Good health begins and ends with good food. Food gives you the healthy glow. It gives you energy. It gives you life.

At The Natural Vitamin Co. we focus on three key truths:

From the garden,
not the lab.

Vitamins that begin life in the lab, often lack the natural antioxidants in The Natural Vitamin Co’s range, which gets its superpowers from the sun, rain and nutrient-rich soil. Put simply, they’re better for you.

All Natural.
No Chemicals.

Natural. It sounds and feels right. We are proudly vegan-friendly, GMO-free, natural and contain no artificial colours or flavours. We’re really proud that nothing we do comes from synthetic origins.

Made from organic
fruit & vegetables

The fruit and vegetables in our vitamins are organic. That means no pesticides, no nasties, no chemicals, large factories or huge production lines – just old fashioned goodness from the garden to you.

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